Retail Market Analysis

On December 15, the Beaumont City Council approved a professional services agreement with The Retail Coach for retail market analysis - a key element of the City's 2019 Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP).

Partnership with The Retail Coach will assist Beaumont in developing a formal retail recruitment strategy to identify retailers most compatible with the trade area. Additionally, the contract will aid address the following economic development and fiscal goals:

  • Creation of a dynamic local economy
  • Support for the growth and prosperity of local businesses
  • Development of vibrant shopping areas
  • Keeping Beaumont a financially stable community

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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Retail Workshop - Tuesday, January 26 at 2pm 


FREE Custom Business Analysis

We want to help grow your business with data-driven market research! 

Each custom report utilizes cell phone GPS data from your customers to provide detailed data on your unique customer base and retail trade area. Businesses can leverage their personalized data to tailor the retail experience and grow their customer base. The reports are provided as an element of the City's overall retail market analysis which will be used to recruit and expand business in Beaumont.

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