Downtown Vision

Downtown Incentive Programs

The Beaumont City Council has approved $500,000 within the 2022/2023 fiscal year budget to allocate funding on business incentive programs in the downtown area. (see Downtown Business Map below). The following programs are for current and potential business owners.  See below for program guidelines, applications and flyers:

Downtown Business Map


The City of Beaumont recently completed the process of updating the City's General Plan, which took effect in January of 2021. Part of the update included creating a Downtown Area Plan.  View the plan here. 

The Downtown Vision is a plan to revitalize Downtown Beaumont to be the heart of the City, providing an exciting diversity of economic, residential, and cultural opportunities. It will be a vibrant and dynamic place to work, live, shop, and gather for special events. It will also be a pedestrian-friendly environment with comfortable sidewalks and an inviting streetscape. 

The Downtown Area Plan will create a balanced and integrated mix of residential, office, retail and civic land uses that generate daily activity in the daytime, and in the evenings create a lively and dynamic environment. This plan encourages opportunities for public gathering spaces and parks for civic and cultural events that are supported by a street network which meets the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles.

Downtown Designs

Currently Staff is gathering feedback from the Planning Commission, Economic Development Committee, and downtown property owners on development standards and design guidelines. The City wants to assist in creating areas along 6th Street, Beaumont Avenue and adjoining blocks, that will include a mix of retail, entertainment, and residential uses. The intent is to provide a vibrant and dynamic place to work, live, shop, and gather for special events. The feedback will help Staff to formulate and present to City Council the long-term vision for the downtown area, as well as find ways to assist business and property owners with funding through grants and other strategies to achieve the downtown vision.

Downtown Business Meetings

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the City of Beaumont invited downtown business and property owners to a meeting to discuss the Downtown Vision.  The event was well attended and a presentation was provided by Economic Development Director, Kyle Warsinski. The businesses were encouraged to attend the Economic Development Committee meetings on the second Wednesday of the month, to share ideas and give suggestions on the Downtown Area Plan. 

The group discussed the formation of a Downtown Business Association. For more information or to join contact (562) 964-7341 or

Downtown Vision Presentation

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Mayor Lloyd White, invited downtown businesses and property owners to a second meeting, where updates on the redevelopment of the downtown area were presented. As well as gathering input and feedback on Downtown Incentive Programs.

To demonstrate the City Council's commitment to revitalization of the downtown, Council approved $500,000 within the 2022/2033 fiscal year budget. The Council allocated the funding to be spent on business incentive programs in the downtown area. Some of the proposed incentive programs included:

  • Façade Improvement Program
  • Business Attraction Incentive Program
  • Pre-Application Fee Waiver
  • Sewer Connection Fee Deferral Program
  • Economic Impact
  • Energy Efficiency

See approved Downtown Business Incentive Programs Above.

City Hall Concept

  1. Kyle Warsinski

    Economic Development Manager