Visiting Beaumont

There is an old expression, "All roads lead to Rome", and the same is true of Beaumont. For centuries, Beaumont and the San Gorgonio Pass have been at the center of transportation—helping move goods and people—first along trails carved by American Indians and later on railroads, highways and interstates.

And like ancient Rome, Beaumont is a transportation hub for travel routes leading to major destinations in every direction. The Beaumont Avenue interchange—where Interstate 10, State Route (SR) 60 and State Route 79 meet—lets drivers fan out across the region—just like ancient times, when roads radiated from Rome like spokes on a wheel. Today, drivers can head west on the I-10 from the San Gorgonio Pass and reach the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica or head east through the low deserts, explore the Southwest and end up in Jacksonville, Florida. Motorists can also take SR 60 from the Pass to Los Angeles or leave Beaumont and take SR 79 through Hemet and Winchester to Temecula. Residents and visitors alike can head north on Beaumont Avenue and explore the scenic apple country of Oak Glen.


While Beaumont is the gateway to many places in Southern California, there is plenty to do in the city as well! If shopping is your hobby, we have exactly what you are looking for! Beaumont has long been known for its quaint antique stores lining 6th Street and more recently for national retail stores. From unique collectibles to the designer fashions at the Cabazon outlets, the pass area has it all.

Golfing is also very popular in Beaumont with two championship courses, Oak Valley Golf Club and Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon.