Facility Rentals

If you're looking for the perfect place to hold your next party, family gathering, or business event, look no further than your local city facilities!

The Beaumont City Hall and CRC facilities offer a wide variety of meeting and banquet room options. Locations are convenient, flexible, and affordable. Many of our local parks offer gazebos, restrooms, and large flat grassy areas perfect for an outdoor event. Let us assist you with reserving the perfect space for your upcoming event!

  1. Beaumont Parks
  2. CRC Gymnasium
  3. CRC Meeting Rooms

Gazebo rentals: 

  • $50.00 for first two (2) hours                          

  • $15.00 for each additional hour
  • $40.00 deposit (refundable)                                                      

Restroom Key:

  • $40.00 Deposit (refundable)  

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are permitted only with proper insurance. The user will be responsible for providing a generator. The City does not provide electricity. NO water bouncers are allowed.

For more information on facility rentals,  please contact us at (951) 769-8524 or parks@beaumontca.gov