Vehicles Towed for Parking Violations

The registered owner of the vehicle will need to come to the Police Department front counter to obtain a Vehicle Release Form to present to the storage yard. The owner must have a valid driver’s license or a person with them who does, and the vehicle registration must be current.

  • In the event the registered owner cannot be present, the Police Department will accept a notarized letter authorizing a person designated in the letter to claim the vehicle.
  • In the event the owner is in jail, a signature from the deputy or other official representative from the jail will be accepted provided there is a name and phone number for that individual provided so the department can confirm its authenticity.

There is a $75 administrative fee for the release of vehicles towed for parking violations, expired registration, safekeeping, etc.

30-Day Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles impounded for violations including driving without a valid drivers license or driving with a revoked / suspended license are not available for release for 30 days.

You can call 951-769-8500 for specific questions regarding a storage hearing.