Road and Rehabilitation Program

On August 27, 2019, the City Council participated in a Workshop regarding the Road and Rehabilitation Program. The workshop provided detailed repair techniques to address the specific distress types and treatment types based on condition categories. At the end of the workshop, the City Council provided direction to City staff to make street rehabilitation and maintenance a top priority.

Since the workshop City staff has made tremendous progress in executing the City Council’s direction. From the workshop to present, City staff has completed approximately 79 lane-miles of rehabilitation and maintenance.

2021 Mid Year Streets

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Street Improvement Projects

Pavement Management

The City of Beaumont owns and manages approximately 131.32 centerline miles or 281.91 lane miles. The overall network pavement condition index (PCI) for the City is 71. A PCI rating index is a numerical value between 0 to 100; with 0 being a failed road and 100 being a brand new street. The PCI is calculated from representative sampling of streets for distress types, severity levels and quantity information. 

The 2019 to present capital improvement plan (CIP) projects and private development have significantly impacted the baseline PCI. Subsequently, the current overall PCI is higher and a new survey is recommended in FY23.