Beaumont Summit Station

The City of Beaumont requests your comments and concerns regarding the environmental issues associated with amending the previously approved Sunny-Cal Specific Plan to allow for 2,557,465 square feet of e-commerce uses on approximately 140 acres, up to 150,000 square feet of commercial uses (including hotel, retail and restaurant uses) on approximately 11 acres. 

Planning Commission Meeting

  • Tuesday,  June 28, 2022 at 6:00PM
  • Beaumont Civic Center Council Chambers
  • 550 E. 6th Street, Beaumont, CA 92223

Public Scoping Meeting

The City held an in person Scoping Meeting to present updates on the Project and the CEQA process, and to receive public comments and suggestions regarding the scope and content of the EIR. In addition, a virtual attendance option is available as well. The scoping meeting was held on the following, date, time, location, and virtual meeting link: 

Project Background

In August 2007, the City of Beaumont (City) adopted the Sunny-Cal Specific Plan (Specific Plan), which included the approval of 560 single-family residential dwelling units with lot sizes ranging from 7,000 to 20,000 square feet on approximately 200 acres in the City of Beaumont. The overall gross density of the Sunny-Cal Specific Plan was 2.8 dwelling units (du) per acre (ac). The Specific Plan included four residential planning areas, small parks, trails, open space, circulation, and a neighborhood park. The Specific Plan was accompanied by a General Plan Amendment, Pre-zoning, authorization for an application for Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Annexation, and a Development Agreement. The Specific Plan site is generally located south of Cherry Valley Boulevard, north of Brookside Avenue, and east of Interstate 10 (I-10). 

The City also certified the Sunny-Cal Specific Plan EIR in August 2007. The Sunny-Cal Specific Plan EIR provided CEQA level analysis for the Specific Plan, General Plan Amendment, Pre-zoning, LAFCO Annexation, and the Development Agreement associated with the Sunny-Cal Specific Plan. The Sunny-Cal Specific Plan EIR was challenged in 2007 and was upheld by the California Court of Appeals in 2010.

The majority of the Specific Plan area was annexed from the County of Riverside to the City of Beaumont in 2017. Although the Specific Plan Project was approved by the City of Beaumont and LAFCO, no development has occurred on the Project site. 

Project Location

The Beaumont Summit Station Specific Plan (a comprehensive amendment of the Sunny-Cal Specific Plan) (the Project, or proposed Project)) site is in the northwestern portion of the City of Beaumont, California. The Project site is approximately 186 acres located south of Cherry Valley Boulevard, north of Brookside Avenue, and east of Interstate 10 (I-10). The current zoning for the Project site is Specific Plan. All proposed changes associated with the Project are located within areas previously annexed to the City of Beaumont by LAFCO.

Project Description

The proposed Project includes a General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, Tentative Parcel Map, Plot Plan Approval, and a Development Agreement. In addition, the proposed Project includes the following elements: The Project site is divided into five parcels, with Parcels 1, 2, and 3 (Specific Plan Planning Area 1) designated for e-commerce uses with supporting office. These parcels are proposed to be developed with three separate e-commerce buildings, as follows: 

  • Building 1: 985,860 square feet 
  • Building 2: 1,213,235 square feet
  • Building 3: 358,370 square feet

The Project proposes to amend the existing General Plan designation from Single-Family Residential to Industrial for Parcels 1, 2, and 3 to allow for the proposed e-commerce uses.

Parcel 4 (Specific Plan Planning Area 2) would include the development of up to 150,000 square feet of commercial uses, as follows: 

  • Four story hotel: 100,000 square feet (220 hotel rooms)
  • Restaurant: 25,000 square feet
  • Retail: 25,000 square feet  

The Project proposes to amend the existing General Plan designation from Single-Family Residential to General Commercial for Parcel 4 to allow for commercial uses. Parcel 5 (Specific Plan Planning Area 3) would remain as open space. The existing General Plan designation of Single Family Residential would be amended to Open Space. The proposed Project would also include various on-site and off-site improvement including roadway improvements, utility connections, and rights-of-way to support the Project.

Summit Station Specific Plan