Alarm Permits

The City of Beaumont is moving to an online permit portal. You can now apply for, be approved, and purchase permits all online.

To register for a permit account and apply for a permit:

1. Visit our Alarm Permit Portal here.

2. Click on the Register New Account button to establish an account. Select the type of account needed (residence or business). Use an active email and a unique password. Be sure to use an email that you have regular access to as future information, updates, and communications will be sent to you by email. You will need to upload copies of the following documents during the process. One of these documents is needed to help determine your eligibility for alarm permits:

     a. A current mortgage statement, rental agreement or utility bill (Water or Sewer bill) for residences.

     b. A current City business license, tax certificate or lease agreement for businesses.

This new system will make obtaining and keeping your Alarm User License up-to-date, easier, faster, and more convenient. To find out more about our Alarm User License Ordinance here

If you’re unable to obtain a license through the online portal, you also have the option of downloading the license application here, filling it out and returning with the annual fee, via the mail to:

     City of Beaumont Alarm License Program

     P O Box 3886

     Tustin CA 92781-3886

Alarm User Licenses and Alarm System Ordinance FAQs

Q: Why is an alarm user license permit required to operate an alarm system in the City of Beaumont?

A: You must have an alarm user license—officers handle thousands of false alarm calls each year, and over 99% are determined to be false alarms. Every alarm user, residential and business, can do his or her share to reduce false alarms and to help preserve police resources.

The Alarm System Ordinance requires that an alarm permit be obtained within ten days of completing the installation of a new alarm system or within ten days of placing an existing system in service. operate an alarm system in the City of Beaumont. It is an infraction to operate an alarm system without the required alarm user license and is punishable by fines set forth in Section 1.16.030 of the Beaumont Municipal Code. A first offense may be charged and prosecuted as a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail, or both.

Q: Who is responsible for obtaining an alarm user license?

A: Chapter 8.36 – Alarm Systems in the Beaumont Municipal Code requires the "Alarm user" as the person responsible for obtaining and renewing an Alarm User License, The Alarm User is defined by - any person who owns, leases or rents, or any on-site agent or representative thereof, any monitored or unmonitored alarm system, device or service.

Q: What happens if I do not obtain or renew an alarm user license?

A: According to Chapter 8.36.050 of the Beaumont Municipal Code, if an alarm user fails to obtain a license, such user can be cited under 8.36.140 for each false alarm until such time the permit is obtained.

Q: Will I receive a late penalty for late renewals of alarm user license?

A: Yes, a late fee of $25 will be assessed for not renewing your license within the 30 days prior to your license expiring. Late fee waivers are very rarely granted and are only considered on a case-by-case basis with very specific conditions, a supervisor from the Beaumont Police Department, will review and make determinations on requests to waive late penalty assessments.

Q: How do I apply for an alarm user license?

A: Applications can be processed online at LINK or applications can also be downloaded, filled out and returned with a check for payment of fees and then mailed to:

     City of Beaumont Alarm License Program

      P O Box 3886

      Tustin CA 92781-3886

Q: How much is an alarm user license?

A: Alarm user license fees are established by resolution of the City Council. Of which, these fees can be changed under City Council review, The current fee as of July 1, 2023 is $28 per year.

Q: What are my responsibilities when operating an alarm system in the City of Beaumont?


     1. To not manually activate an alarm except when an immediate emergency response is needed.

     2. To inactivate or cause to be inactivated an audible alarm within 15 minutes of activation.

     3. To be familiar with all alarm system operating instructions, including those for verification of an alarm.

     4. To train anyone who might have reason and authority to control the alarm system, in the proper operation of the system.

     5. To inform persons who are authorized to operate the alarm system of the provisions of this Ordinance, emphasizing the importance of             avoiding false alarms.

     6. To immediately notify the alarm system monitoring company or the Police Department of a false alarm activation as soon as the user is           aware of the false alarm.

     7. To notify the City of Beaumont or our Alarm Licensing Processor when the alarm is deactivated, or the applicant has moved from the               location of the alarm system and is no longer responsible for its operation.

     8.To maintain the alarm system in good working order and to take measures to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of false alarms.

     9. To inspect or have the alarm system inspected by your alarm monitoring company at least once a year.

     10. To document the condition of the alarm system and any remedial actions taken to prevent false alarms.

Q: I am not sure if my location is within the City of Beaumont and/or the Alarm System Ordinance applies to me or my property. Who can I contact to verify?

A: Contact the Beaumont Police Department Record’s Division, during regular business hours at 951-769-8510.

Q: What is a false alarm?

A: "False alarm" means any activation of an alarm eliciting a response by police personnel when a situation requiring a response does not in fact exist. It does not include activation for testing purposes if the Police Department has been given advance notice of such testing. It also does not include activation by police personnel. If an alarm is canceled prior to the dispatch of police personnel the activation shall not be considered a false alarm.

Q: What happens if I have a false alarm activation?

A: You should immediately notify your alarm monitoring company and/or the Beaumont Police of a false alarm activation. Alarm users can be subject to fines for repeated false alarms (see chart below:

Q: False Alarms and No Permit Fees & Penalties


     1st $100 – False Alarm Activation and/or No Permit

     2nd $200– False Alarm Activation +No Permit Violation

     3rd $500  – False Alarm Activation + No Permit Violation

     4th and 5th $1000 $1500 – False Alarm Activation + No Permit Violation

     6th No Response List No Response List

Q: What is a “No Response List”?

A: An alarm user is subject to being placed on a “No Response List” after six false alarms within the preceding twelve consecutive months. While on the list, police will only respond to alarm calls at the location if there is other independent information provided to the department that a crime or emergency has occurred or is in progress. Any users placed on the “No Response List”, cannot be removed from the list without written documentation that the alarm has been serviced and is properly functioning.

Q: What if I need to test my alarm or have it repaired?

A: The alarm user should notify the Beaumont Police Department prior to any servicing, testing, repair, maintenance, installation, etc. to avoid a response for a false alarm.

Q: What if I fail to renew my license and/or do not pay fees?

A: The alarm user will be subject to additional fines, penalties and fees, as well as collections.